Arizona Emission Testing Locations

Are you looking for the nearest emissions testing facility near your home or office? This site is the place! This Arizona Emission Testing Location listing site provides maps and info about all of the locations in AZ.

All of the Arizona emissions locations have the same hours, but many have longer wait times.

All inspection stations are open:
Monday – Saturday 8am – 5pm


For more info about Arizona Emission Testing visit ADEQ and

25 thoughts on “Arizona Emission Testing Locations”

  1. i am purchasing a car this afternoon and the seller said he did the emissions inspection in january and it should be on file. is there a way to get this rather than sitting in the car line at the emission inspection station in apache junction

    1. When you go to switch the title and get registration in your name the representative will tell you if it needs it or not

  2. Why isn’t there a phone number on your site? Would be nice to ask a question that is not on your FAQ’S was trying to see if you took debit or just cash but my question was not there.

  3. Motor Vehicle Division does not recognize emissions for our truck. This was done in 2017 but I can not find the last paper that I got fro you guys. Can you check our last sevice from you for this vehicle please?
    1FTRF12206NA67123 Plaate # BFE6044 vehicle is a 2006 ford
    Marvin Gibbs

  4. You might want to update your website to reflect the actual hours of operation due to COVID-19. Good thing I called. As of this posting, all centers close at 5pm.

    1. How nice! The times are posted on the site open till 7. Paper sign on the door states: “new hours 8 to 5”

      Update the site. It’s not like gas and our time is free.

      The paper sign looks like it has been for a while

  5. Hello, your listed hours of operation are not correct. I went to the AJ site between 530-600 pm today (Tues) and it was closed. Can someone update please?

  6. This comment is about the North Scottsdale location on Evans.
    We arrived around 12:30pm. Pulling up to the ticket machine we now see the cars, motorhome and trucks are backed up to just a couple cars away from the ticket machine. Line is slow and we look around and no where to exit. The exit by the machine is BLOCKED WITH CONES!!! Why why why. There are about 30 cars waiting and we did not plan on that. So, your employee says…there is an exit around the curve…. geez …that would be at least 45mins just to reach that. Does this sound reasonable when the nearest exit is almost next to us???

  7. will i need an inspection for out of state reg. vehicle….? i am from wa. and i do have my last report done in 2021….

  8. I’ve had my car in many times and each time the mechanics say they are unable to find the problem yet, my check engine light is on. Now I need to do an emmissions test but I have a check engine light on. what do I do?

  9. Questions: in the years 2021 and 2022, how many vehicles were tested for emissions in the State of Arizona? As well, by December 31, 2023, how many are being projected to have been tested in this year? Last question, are there any Auto Dealerships that do in-house tests for emissions? If so, which ones and what kind of training will it entail?

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