About Us

Welcome! This little web site is designed to help you find the emissions testing location closest to you, but also the one that has the shortest wait time. As we develop this web site, we’ll be adding more maps, location information, and news about emissions testing in AZ. You might think… emissions testing? Why would anybody make a web site about that? Well, yes, we didn’t pick the most exciting thing to build a website about, but we’re Arizona natives and when you get that notice in the mail telling you that you need to get emissions testing done (once every two years) it can be difficult to find the closest location when all you have to go by is a list of locations.

About the author: I’ve lived in the Phoenix area most of my life since moving here as a child. I have two cars that I drive and occasionally need to have tested for emissions. The next time I go through an emissions test, I’m planning to get more photos and maybe record a video (from inside my car) of the experience.

My first car was a 1986 Cadillac Cimarron (which was the ugly car pictured above) and I remember the first time I took it to get the emissions tested. I had no idea what this mysterious requirement meant, and worst of all, my car didn’t pass.

It didn’t pass the second time, either.

So, I took it back to my mechanic for the second time and asked him to really find out what was causing it to fail. I don’t remember what he did to get it to pass, but it eventually did and I drove that car for a few more years.

Perhaps worst, my car was pink. Yeah, my sister and I originally shared this Cadillac Cimarron and the old blue paint was fading. My sister chose raspberry color, and I had to live with it until I could afford my own ride. To get an idea of what it looked like, check out this page. It looked like that.

If you’d like to contribute something, or ask a question, you can email me¬†or use the contact form below to send me a message.