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Emissions Testing in Arizona FAQ

Emission testing helps in determining the level of air pollutants a motor vehicle has emitted. Normally, there are specific standards that a vehicle has to pass to be cleared from the emissions test. There are a lot of things which you might need to know about this test, and that is why this FAQ is prepared for you so that it can answer some of your questions. These answers are specific to Arizona.

Will maintaining my vehicle help me pass an emissions test?

Yes, you can do this by ensuring that your vehicle is functioning, driving and running properly. If you notice any problem with your vehicle, the first thing you should do is to seek repair assistance as soon as possible. With proper maintenance, your vehicle will automatically pass the test because it is certain that you will ensure that everything is okay with your vehicle before the test.

Can you pass an emissions test with a check engine light on?

No, for you to pass this test, you must ensure that the check engine light is off. This will make help your vehicle to automatically pass the test. There are many techniques that can be used to turn it off, while some of these techniques turn it off for a short period, it is, therefore, advisable that you go for the test as soon as it is turned off.

Can you pass an emissions test with a bad catalytic converter?

No, Damaged catalytic converters cannot be in a position to convert toxic gases into gases that are not harmful to the health of human beings as well as the environment. This, therefore, can be a reason for your vehicle failing the test.

What can cause a car to fail an emission test?

There are many reasons, some of the common reasons are; a bad catalytic converter, defective light, problems with the evaporative emission control, dirty air filter, rich air-fuel mixture, worn out sparks, and more.

What happens if you fail the emissions test?

Your vehicle can not be registered or renewed. This means that you will not be given a license to drive your vehicle legally. Therefore, the next step should be to initiate the repairing of your vehicle so that it can pass the test and get your license. The reporter will be able to provide you with a full report explaining the repairs that are supposed to be made for your vehicle to be compliant. After finishing the repair, you should take your vehicle back for the test, and the chances are that you may pass.

Will my car pass the emission test in Arizona if the check engine light is on?

In Arizona, it will not. This is due to the fact that checking the OBD Check Engine Light is something they don’t do at the emissions testing facility. Because the Check Engine Light can be caused by a number of factors, it may not be something that affects your vehicle emissions, but they don’t have a way to check.

Flatly, 1996 and newer cars cannot pass emissions testing with the “Check Engine” light on.

Does my vehicle need an emissions test in Arizona?

Yes, as a resident of Arizona, your vehicle needs to pass the test for you to drive it legally. However, vehicles newer than six years old are normally exempted from this test

What are some ways to improve my car engine performance?

Reduce weight, forced induction system, install a performance chipset, use cold air intake to increase torque and horsepower.