How to pass emissions test for car

If you’re about ready to get your car inspected for vehicle emissions, here are some helpful tips that will help your car pass the inspection.

Tips for passing emissions test:

  • Fast idle your engine for about 30 seconds immediately before you drive into the inspection facility.
  • Ensure your seatbelt is buckled (including all passengers).
  • Drive your car around for 10-15 minutes prior to entering emissions testing so it is at peak efficiency.
  • Turn off your air conditioning, heater, radio, or other accessories before the inspection starts.
  • Check your turn signals, lights, horn, and wipers before inspection and repair if they aren’t working.
  • If you have a engine maintenance light on, go and get that checked out by your mechanic before having the emissions tested.
  • Ask the DMV inspector for assistance or tips if you fail the inspection.

6 thoughts on “How to pass emissions test for car”

  1. Can you answer a question about a waiver? I read that if your car fails twice you might be able to get a waiver, problem is it has not failed because we can not get the engine light to go off and as the sign says at the testing station it can not be tested with the light on. I’m $439.00 in parts and $100.00 in labor trying fix this but nobody seems to know how.

    1. disconect your battery for 10 minutes or so. Then reconect battery, start car and Walla no more check engine light. Disconnecting the battery for a period of time then reconecting battery resets the computer. If your engine comes on again, then you have a problem that needs fixed. Leave the engine light on, go to O’Rileys auto parts and have them analyze the fault. Those boys are pretty good at letting you know whats wrong and they usually have the part to fix it. good luck, be safe

  2. Very Nice Facilities Staff was Informative & Professional. They Suggested what to do to help get my Girlfriends car repaired to pass next inspection The EGR valve was bad replaced it ot was all that was wrong Thanks for A Great service for us locals John Lape

  3. Im currently working in California for a period of time. Can I use a California Star Smog Certified emissions test facility for my Arizona tag renewal?

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